Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have lots of photos for you so let's get started :)

01/12 - I am in super baby mode !!! My next door neighbour gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy this afternoon and I decorated the front garden (together with DH) with lots of blue !!!

01/13 - The stork in our front garden to let everyone know in the neighbourhood that Kris has been born.

01/14 - The card to announce the birth of the son of our neighbours. So cute :) !

01/15 - This is a little part of our livingroom. I want to change the livingroom (new couch, new colors) but DH isnt convinced yet. Still got a few months to convince him ! :)

01/16 - I went shopping to the cutest babystore we have here in The Netherlands. The store is called 'Lief!' (which means sweet) and luckily they are very expensive otherwise I would've bought all the items in the store !! haha

01/17 - My son Jasper was home late from going out to dinner saturday evening and had to get up early to go swimming on sundaymorning so I wasnt surprised he fell asleep in the afternoon. Finally a photo without him looking goofy :)

01/18 - I see this login screen way too often ! :)

01/19 - I bought some donuts this morning and I can only say that they look delicious. I havent tried them yet but I know I will as soon as I have posted this message to my blog !!

That's it from me :) I hope you've enjoyed my photos and see you again next week !!




Molytail said...

Lovely photos!

Congratulations to your neighbour on the birth of her baby boy! It was very sweet of you to decorate for her :-)

Those donuts look delicious! Love the sleeping child picture ~ one of those rare QUIET moments eh? *grin*

Molytail said...

Did you decide to stop doing this? *curious*

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