Sunday, January 17, 2010

You must wonder where I went to. I am still here but I have decided to add all my daily photos to the blog on one day. That day is going to be monday. So I'll be back tomorrow with lots of photos for you :)




Biancka said...
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Jenna said...

BIANCKAAAAAAAAA, where have you been????!!! I always see you online via yapoo, but you don't respond..wahhhhh! I hope all is well...I saw the flowers your DH got it your anniversary???? Yesterday was my DH's bday and holy cow, I forgot to buy him a card and chocolate (yes, he loves choco! *lol*) and I feel horrid. Then again, we're stinkin' broke and that alone breaks my heart. Anyways, we're heading to Socorro to see dh's dad and back tomorrow. Gonna take photos along the way. Love ya girl!!!!

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