Sunday, January 10, 2010
Today was a day for snowfun here in The Netherlands. We got lots of fresh snow during the day and it was decided to make an iglo. I'm game. I always take photos and this is a great chance to get a nice photo of my son (or so I thought !! haha). As soon as my son spots me with a camera his mood changes. He hates having his photo taken and lets me know. I just browsed through all the photos I took today and this photo was the best photo of my son :) haha

I guess (hope !!) that this is normal behavious for a 6 year old boy ???? I just wonder if my son will keep behaving like this whenever he sees me with a camera.




Molytail said...

Great photo! My son(11) doesn't mind his photo being taken, but my daughter(13) has started running away from my camera ~ for her, I think the whole self-conscious teenager thing is kicking in, plus she knows the photos end up on one of my blogs, facebook, etc LOL

I found your blog while searching for Project 365 participants ~ I'm doing my own this year after watching a friend have fun with it last year. :-)

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