Monday, January 4, 2010
Do you ever buy something and in the back of your mind you think that it's probably a bad idea because you will probably get a large bill after you bought it ?? Well, remember what I just bought ?? A new digital camera and guess what happened to my DH ?? He broke off a piece of one of his molars, he went to the dentist today and we got a nice estimate for a 'kroon'. I have no idea what the english word for it is but I guess they are going to cover the broken molar with a fake molar. Something like that. I told DH to just make the appointments and get it over and done with. Luckily we do have insurance but it's not 100% covered. Better start saving some $$$ or perhaps return my camera ?!?!? :)




~Susie~ said...

Guess we all have bad shopping habbits :)) Good luck with DH's tooth!!

Petra said...

Oh wow hun, that's a lot of euros...yikes!!

So glad you decided to start again...really miss you!! Also on MSN btw, what's up?

Meisie said...

ACK! That is bad news indeed (also called a 'crown' in english btw ;-) )but I'm ever so thankful for dentists who can fix these mishaps!

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